Judicial Independence is a foundation for the Rule of Law and guarantee of fair proceedings: Madras High Court

Justice P. Pugalendhi while hearing the matter related to the acquittal of management officers of some granite firms accused of possessing and carrying business from illegal granite of worth of crores of rupees noticed that “As an individual person, every person expects their servants to be loyal and sincere to them, but at the same time, if the government servant does his duty sincerely and diligently, it is viewed in a different manner, as a sin. This is how our values have evolved.”

The bench also noticed that “The Advocates before throwing mud on the Judge, must realize that by doing so, they are attacking the institution, and themselves.” Also, advocates being the officers of the Courts have certain duties not only to the clients but also to the Court.

The bench also stated that “Very few government servants are working with honesty and integrity and even they are facing consequences for discharging their duties diligently.” The bench also reflected its view on the qualities of Honesty and Integrity in consonance with the Justice.

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