BCI to request for basic laptops or iPads for needy lawyers

The Bar Council of India has determined to form certain urgent and vital requests from the Centre and State governments. The BCI Chairman can write to the Prime Minister and chief justice of India in conjunction with different Ministers and officers seeking fulfillment of certain demands.

Bar Council of India has requested the Union and authorities to supply basic laptops or Ipads to poverty-stricken advocates of the Country for purpose of e-filing and virtual court hearings. Free and effective WiFi connections within the premises of all the Bar Associations of the Country with advances scanners also are needed.

BCI in its meeting has conjointly requested the Supreme Court and High Courts to resume physical hearings in open courts, when considering places wherever Covid19 cases are lesser and therefore the scenario is normal. The e-filing procedure is proving to be terribly cumbersome and difficult for the bulk of advocates because of lack of infrastructure, know-how, and technical issues.

According to Bar Council of India, whereas the gathering of knowledge is one aspect, the opposite important side is utilizing such knowledge and putting things into apply which might need a conducive input from the users of such facility of e-filing and virtual hearing.

BCI has, therefore, requested that while each Advocate and their Associations, State Bar Councils, and Bar Council of India are Doing efforts to deal with things that has arisen because of the pandemic, the legal fraternity and poor litigants want very important support and impetus from the governments to attain the goals.

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