Plea filed in SC against social media accounts dealing with graphic content

Two law students have approached the Supreme Court with concerns of illicit content such as rape videos, revenge porn etc being traded online. 
The petition prays for the enforcement of the rules laid down in the Information Technology Intermediary Guidelines (Amendment) Rules, 2018. Additionally the petition also seeks for a mechanism that helps verify accounts and identify fake/catfish accounts.
Also raising concerns for protecting children, the petition seeks the inclusion of sex education in the National Educational Policy, 2020 besides subjects on online safety.
Highlighting the need for better enforcement and change of current laws, the gender specific nature of the law penalising revenge porn was also pointed out.The students argue the need for education, awareness and a mechanism to regulate social media accounts to ensure safety.
 “These accounts are getting endorsed on troll and meme pages which have huge following and thus are being accessed by public at large. They also send “follow requests” to random people on social media as a means of advertisement and promotion. They have also been posting comments on the posts of public figures inviting people to subscribe to their illegal services” the petition reads.
The petition seeks the court’s direction to be given to the Government on the above mentioned matters.

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