Rajasthan High Court Upholds Death Sentence of Murder Accussed

Justice Sabina and Justice Chandra Kumar Songara of the Rajasthan High Court upheld the death sentence awarded to murder accussed Mohan Singh a.k.a Mahaveer. The Trial Court convicted him under Section 302, 392 and 201 of the Indian Penal Code and awarded him death sentence.

The High Court, while confirming the death sentence, noted that Singh was accused in a double murder case and had absconded from Open Air Camp, Sanganer while he was undergoing sentence in pursuance to his conviction.

Singh was accused of murdering a woman by strangulation, and thereafter taking out certain organs from her body by cutting her abdomen. The High Court took note of various circumstantial evidence brought on record by the prosecution before the Trial Court which included CCTV footages to establish ‘last seen circumstances’ and the DNA test report from the sample taken from deceased.

Case details
Case no.: D. B. Criminal Death Reference No. 7/2020
Case name: State of Rajasthan vs. Mohan Singh @ Mahaveer
Coram: Justices Sabina and Chandra Kumar Songara
Counsel: AAG Javed Chaudhary and Adv Suresh Sahni

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