PIL in SC wants animal kingdom to be declared as ‘legal entities’ for their protection

A petition has been filed within the Supreme Court, wanting the whole animal kingdom, together with vertebrate and aquatic species, to be declared as “legal entities” having distinct persona and corresponding rights of a living person. this can be for his or her protection.

The PIL additionally needs all citizens of india to be declared as loco parentis for the protection of animals from cruelty and abuse and to confirm their welfare.

The PIL has been filed by People’s Charioteer Organization (PCO) AN non governmental organization from Allahabad. It states: “As per our Vedas, Dharma-Shastras in Sanatan Dharma, the teachings of the Book, Hadith in Islam, and therefore the teachings of the Bible in Christianity, animals are accorded similar standing as that of humans and are recognized as aware beings, and cruelty towards any living being has been severely frowned upon, abhorred and castigated, and likewise In every cultures, religions, and ways of lives.”

The petition observed that there are opened holes within the legal, legislative and statutory framework of India, “owing to that we’re witnessing a prevailing epidemic of cases of Animal Abuse and Animal Cruelty. Over the years, the bar of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 has lost its glory because of lack of social control and inadequate/liberal penal provisions.”

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