The senior lawyer and former law minister Shanthi Bhushan, Prashant Bhushan’s Father, requested the court to list the case for whenever physical hearings are to resume after the national lockdown.

Hearing Prashant Bhushan’s explanation and regret in a case of contempt over his 2009 interview calling Chief Justices corrupt, the supreme court declined to act on his confession.

The court will hear the case again on next monday,court needed to check whether Prashant Bhushan’s comments on corruption amounted to contempt of court.

Resumption of physical hearings after coronavirus lockdown was requested by senior lawyer and former law minister, Shanthi Bhushan, Prashant Bhushan’s Father.But the supreme court did not agree.

The court reserved its order last week.

This case involves statements that Prashant Bhushan made during an interview to Tehelka Magazin in 2009,in which he said half of the Chief Justices of India were corrupt.

There is another contempt petition against Mr.Bhushan on comments on Chief Justice of India S.A. Bobde who said, “there is a line between free speech and contempt.There is freedom of speech and expression and then contempt.”

The lawyer’s tweet of CJI SA Bobde’s picture on a superbike had gone viral.

In a statement in the previous hearing on Tuesday, Mr Bhushan expressing regret said “What I said caused hurt to any of the them ( CJIs) or to their families in any way, I regret.” The word corruption was used in “wide sense meaning lack of propriety”, he added. “I did not mean only financial corruption or deriving any pecuniary advantage.”

The other person accused of contempt, senior journalist Tarun Tejpal, apologised for publishing the statement.

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