Priyanka’s secretary Sandeep Singh gets advance bail

The Lucknow bench of the Allahabad high court granted anticipatory bail to Sandeep Singh, personal secretary to Congress general secretary Priyanka Vadra, considering that Singh was simply a courier for a letter from the party providing 1,000 buses to move stranded Peoples throughout the pandemic and succeeding lockdown.

The court held that it’s undisputed that Singh had written a letter to the state government’s additional Chief Secretary Avnish Awasthi, (but only) at the dictation of (her employer) Priyanka Vadra.

The advance bail is until the filing of the police report.

The case is regarding the 1,000 buses on supply for plying migrant labourers from Ghaziabad-Noida borders. because it transpired, that papers of a hundred and fifty of these vehicles weren’t so as. it had been conjointly found that of these a hundred and fifty, some were really autos, 3 wheelers, ambulances, trucks etc. a number of those vehicles had fitness certificates and alternative documents that weren’t valid.

The single bench of Justice Dinesh Kumar Singh has said in its order that Congress General Secretary Priyanka Vadra has not been named within the FIR. Also, the sections imposed on Sandeep Singh are considered to be of mild nature. The bench, therefore, set the bail at Rs one lakh and 2 sureties of a similar amount. The bench conjointly processed that Singh’s anticipatory bail can stay in effect until the inquiry ends.

The advocates on behalf of Sandeep Singh argued that Sandeep is being concerned just for political reasons. He sent the letter solely at the dictation of the Congress General Secretary.

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