In consonance with the concept of ‘swadeshi’ which was propoagted by Mahatama Gandhi, our PM Mr. Narendra Modi will address the nation and give them fresh dimensions to be self- reliant. All the ministries and the various department will work seriously on implementation of Self-Reliant India which Mr.Narendra Modi shall begin

Our defence minister Mr. Rajnath Singh will make the announcement

On 15th August,2020, the defence minister, along with the Prime Minister will address the whole nation and elucidate the self-reliant India plan.

The defence minister shall pay tribute to the revolutionary freedom fighter Udham Singh at an online event.

According to the defence minister, sovereignty has no value if the nation will not be self-reliant. The pandemic taught us that sovereignty can be protected by its own nation, if it is “Atmannirbhar” which means to be self-reliant.

Our government will not let down the nation and preserve its sovereignty and self respect at any cost.They will maintain our sovereignty and make it self reliant.

On 15th August,2020 tough and major decision will be taken by the government that the defence ministry decided to ban 101 military weapons and platforms. This decision would be taken to promote self-reliance in defence production.

Big weapons systems will now be produced in India and the country will look forward to tranform into an export hub for defence manufacturing.

Mr.Singh, on Sunday morning announced restrictions on imports of 101 military weapons and platforms including light combat helicopters,transport aircraft,conventional submarines and cruise missiles till 2024.

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