Madras HC take suo-moto action of malpractices in e passes procurement during COVID-19 for Child Labour

The Madras High Court has raised serious concerns about malpractices involved in the issuance of e-passes for movement amid the COVID-19 pandemic (CM Sivababu v. State of Tamil Nadu and ors) about the school-going children were recently found working in a textile company
133 of the 331 workers employed at the Tirupur company were adolescents aged between 14- and 18-years report on a raid conducted earlier in Tiruvannamalai district.
During the pandemic period Court took note of submissions that most of the adolescent children were brought and proper e-passes were not obtained for their inter-district movement. No COVID-19 test was conducted for the children, nor was any fitness certificate produced in respect of these children.
the textile company on the order of court has to explain the whole incident how they were able to bring the children to work at their premises without getting proper e-passes for the inter-district travel.
The Court added that the Police Authorities, Labour Department and Child Welfare Committees of these Districts should be vigilant and conduct raids regularly to eradicate child labour.
The matter has been adjourned to be taken up next on August 20. Apart from the company’s affidavit on the aspect of e-pass procurement, the Court has also called for affidavits from various district and labour authorities who are respondents in the matter.

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