Karnataka HC quashes criminal cases against 9 foreign tourists in Tablighi case

The high court of karnataka has quashed the criminal cases against 9 foreign nationals belonging to the Tablighi Jamaat on the condition that they instantly leave the country, following an endeavor that they won’t visit India once more within the next ten years and pay the fine amount levied by the competent authority.

The court, however, didn’t quash the case against seven Indian nationals on grounds of their case being on a distinct footing.

A single bench of Justice Krishna S. Dixit issued the direction whereas hearing pleas filed by the nine foreign nationals questioning the lawfulness of the criminal cases against them for violating the Foreigners Act, 1946.

It was claimed that these foreign nationals had come to India with an e-Tourist visa however administered preaching of spiritual principles, For that a Missionary visa is needed. However, consistent with advocate Muhammad Tahir, who defended the petitioners, there’s no specific prohibition within the visas in question for preaching spiritual principles within the Tablighi congregation.

The court didn’t consider the petitioner advocate and noted that by the very nature of those visas, what’s not provided for in the visa, is deemed to be impermissible. the overall principle is that what all isn’t prohibited is permissible for a natural person and what all isn’t provided for is impermissible for a juristic person, normally can’t be invoked by foreign nationals.

Media info, and for the statistical purpose of the State, the Court declared that it hasn’t found any material for entertaining such a groundless grievance after careful examination of the complete file.

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