Maharashtra Government on conducting Examinations

Owing to the Global Pandemic and the surge of cases, Maharashtra Government informed the Supreme Court that The State Disaster Management Authority has decided to put a stopper on examinations.
The affidavit filed by the Directorate of Higher Education states:
“The authority took into consideration various aspects such as the prevailing alarming COVID-19 situation in the entire state, lockdown imposed by various municipal bodies, declared containment zones, college buildings being used as isolation centres and the view was put forth by the majority of vice-chancellors of universities that it is not possible to conduct the examinations in the state.”

Few students from Maharashtra contended the decision dated July 18 given by the Maharashtra State Disaster Management Authority and the Government Resolution dated June 19 gave by the Government of Maharashtra.

They have contended the state government’s choice on the ground that the SDMA has no authority to pass any request comparable to examinations, as the equivalent is the domain of the UGC. They also stated that their Right to education guaranteed under Right to life of Article 21 was being violated.

Matters to be heard by the Supreme court on August 10th.

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