Karnataka HC seeks response from the center as to why Hand Sanitizers and N-95 Masks were removed from the list of Essential Commodities List

The Division Bench comprising of Chief Justice Abhay Oka Aravind Kumar directed the central government to specify its reasons as to why N-95 masks and hand Sanitizers should not be included in the list of essential commodities when the cases of COVID-19 are rising at an alarming rate.

The Honorable Court stated that “In the context of the fact that from July 1, the number of COVID-19 positive cases in different parts of the country have multiplied and in some part they continue to multiply with speed, it follows that there will be more need for use of N-95 masks and Hand Sanitizers. In this context, the central government will have to take a stand on oath whether the said items should be treated as Essential Commodities so that their prices are effectively controlled. It will be an important factor in the fight against coronavirus.”

The Court also asked the State Government to clear its stand on the manufacturing and price control regarding N-95 masks. The Court will hear the matter next on August 18.

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