Trump to take action on TikTok and other Chinese apps in the coming days:says Secretary of State

Mike Pompeo informed on Monday that “US President Donald Trump will take action in the upcoming days on Chinese-owned applications, including Tik-Tok, citing national security risks.”

On Friday, President Donald Trump said in an interview that he would ban Tik-Tok application from operating in the United States, where it has up to 80 million active monthly users.

The application mostly used by the peoples under 20 is owned by Chinese company ByteDance.

“Through emergency economic powers or an executive order though it was not immediately clear what such an injection order would look like and what legal challenges it might face. The threat met concern from users of the applications, who have come to love the short-form video platform.” he said while showing his concern on how these Chinese software companies doing business the United States, whether it’s Tik-Tok or WeChat, there are countless more are feeding data directly to the Chinese Communist Party.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that data companies like TikTok are collecting about US people could be their facial recognition pattern, it could be information about their residence address, their phone numbers, their friends, who they’re connected to.

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