Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay a foundation stone of Ram Temple in Ayodhya today, Uttar Pradesh

The Site has previously created a tension between Hindu and Muslim where both of them claimed ownership.

But this decayed long battle was solved when in a unanimous verdict, the Supreme Court said that a report by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) provided evidence that the remains of a building “that was not Islamic” was beneath the structure of the demolished Babri mosque.

Supreme Court gave a Judgement giving site to Hindu’s and Muslims another plot of land in the city to construct a mosque.

Today Bhoomi Poojan will take place after Mr Modi lay Silver brick in the sanctum sanctorum, or innermost sanctuary of the site.

According to an official statement, the main ‘puja’ will be held between 12:44 pm and 12:45 pm during the 32-second ‘Abhijit Muhurat’. It is the same ‘muhurat’ or auspicious moment when Lord Ram was believed to have been born.

As many as 200,000 bricks inscribed with Shri Ram has been collected till now, which will be used to built the foundation of the temple.

Chandrakant Sompura, the chief architect of the proposed temple, said “The Print that the structure would be designed in the “Nagara” style of temple architecture – a popular north Indian temple building style.The inner sanctum of the temple – where the idol of the primary deity is housed – will be octagonal. The temple will include a large structure of three floors with 366 pillars and five domes.”

India Tv will offer wall to wall coverage of the event.

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