Karnataka HC directed the Government to decide on Bar Association’s plea for Loans to advocates to support them in Financial Distress

Belgavi Bar Association has filed a plea application in the Karnataka High Court to which the High Court has directed the State Government to consider the grievance of the Association and take the the decision in this regard by August 19. The association is seeking to extend the loan of Rs. 5 Lakh to those members of the bar who are facing financial troubles due to inconsistent working of the Courts.

A division bench of Chief Justice Abhay Oka and Ashok S Kinagi stated “the State Government will have to take appropriate decision on the representation made by the members of the Belgavi Bar Association, by treating it as a representation made to the state government on behalf of members of the Bar Association for the entire state.”

The Court earlier rejected the petition of similar nature but later it has observed that due to rising cases of COVID-19, many Court employees have tested positive and many have faced financial difficulties and it is not possible for the Courts to function normally for some more time. The State Government has released 5 Crore for the assistance to the advocates rolled on Bar. The Court is going to take the matter next on August 20.

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