TV18 Broadcast Limited and Ors v. Maridhas

In an order dated July 29th, the Madras High Court had allowed an interim injunction against youtuber Maridhas. News TV 18 and its journalists had filed a petition to take down the videos that allege them of Anti-Hindu Bias.
The petition was allowed by Justice CV Karthikeyan, hearing the case. TV 18 Broadcast limited, the parent company of News Tv 18 has filed for a 1.5 crore defamation suit on the nature of the defendant’s videos being defamatory, derogatory and similar to a threat.
On the basis of a prima facie case, the balance on convenience was found only in the favour of the plaintiff, the order reads. Further it states that the defendant can take down the videos as he is allowed to give his opinion but cannot state unverified statements as facts.
Before approaching the court, the broadcasting company had approached the Police with no fruitful outcome.

The plaintiffs have also filed against the defendant’s tweet allegedly claiming to have received an email stating that a “journalist of biased opinion” has infiltrated the organization. However the plaintiffs have also stated that the Editor has already clarified that the email id used is a fake one and no such email was sent.
The matter has been adjourned till August 12.

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