Defence Ministry Wrote to CBFC to obtain NOC from all Production houses before making and telecasting any film or web series related to Army theme.

A letter has been sent by Ministry of Defence to CBFC, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting highlighting the issue of the necessity of taking permission from the Ministry of Defence prior to releasing any content on mainstream television related to Army Theme. Defence Ministry has taken this step to prevent “any incident which distorts the image of Defence Forces or hurts their sentiments”.

A PIL has been filed before the Allahabad High Court by the family member of an Indian soldier contending that web series produced by Ekta Kapoor depicted the wife of an Army officer as an adulterous woman in the web series to which he further stated that it is shameless, derogatory and disrespecting the Army and its uniform and there should be a complete ban on such content. He also stated that such things causes ‘irreparable damage’ the mental peach and physical well being of the soldiers and it could create an impact on their services.

Advocates Abhinav Gaur, Ankur Verma, and Dhananjai Rai contended that while exercising Fundamental Right of Freedom of Speech and Expression under 19(1)(a), reasonable restrictions enshrined under 19(2) must also be observed on a serious note and ‘Differential Treatment’ should be given to the armed forces in terms of Article 33 of the Constitution.

Advocates stated that “This very article takes away the right from the armed forces implicitly expects safeguard of at least the honor of the forces. Those safeguarding the country cannot be exposed to insults and mocking.” It was contended in the plea that it should be stopped from broadcasting on ALT Balaji, where it is going to be broadcasted.

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