Blocking of 50 rogue websites infringing Snapdeal trademark: Delhi High Court

In the case of *Snapdeal Pvt Ltd vs & Ors* the Delhi High Court has granted an injunction in favour of e-commerce company Snapdeal in relation to fifty rogue websites that are infringing its registered trademark.
After discovering that as many as 50 websites, such as SNAPDEALLUCKY – DRAWS.ORG.IN, were inter alia degrading its goodwill and infringing its registered trademark Snapdeal had filed a suit before the Court.
It was contended by the Snapdeal in the court these websites were not only damaging its commercial and statutory interests but would also end up defrauding gullible customers by having them erroneously believe that that the websites were connected with Snapdeal.
A prima facie case in view of the submissions made by Snapdeal the Court opined that the balance of convenience is also tilted to its side.
Delhi High Court
The Court has directed the authorities concerned to issue notification(s) to the Internet Service Providers to block access to the 50 rogue websites. And having regard to the enormity of the damage caused by such like schemes by rogue websites, I am inclined to grant such liberty is given to the plaintiff to approach this Court to array other rogue website(s) who carry on similar activities, albeit illegally, as and when the same comes to its notice.

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