Kerala HC orders state to build a primary school in village after long wait of 30 yrs.

Kerala High Court put an end to people’s pain when it ordered the government to sanction establishment of a government lower primary school at Elambra, Manjeri Municipality of Malappuram district in Kerala on 29th July.

The order came after the court heard a PIL filed by one of the residents of Elambra, T. Muhammed Faisi. The petitioner had said that there are no primary schools within a 3 km radius in the area and for the last 30 years local residents have tried to get one school there.

In opposition of this PIL, the government had contended that the petitioner can’t rely on the directions of either the Human Rights Commission or the Commission for Protection of Child Rights. Starting new schools is the policy decision of the government and individual requests cannot be considered. Moreover, there are schools existing in the nearby places and there was no need for establishing a government LP school in the Elambra area.

But, the bench allowing the Petition also directed Manjeri Municipality to take urgent steps for construction of necessary buildings for the school. The bench also held that the Right to Education for Children under Article 21A of the Constitution of India is a human right.

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