Centre has to ensure salary of Doctors : Supreme Court

Central government directed by the Apex Court to ensure that states pay timely salaries to doctors and healthcare workers during the COVID-19 exigency.
United Resident and Doctor’s Association (URDA) filled an urgent application in the court stating that many states are not paying salaries for doctors and low-risk classification is being made between doctors.
After the June 17 order Solicitor General Tushar Mehta have submitted that four states – Delhi, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tripura, and Karnataka not complied with the orders of the Centre.
Today the petitioner association has appraised the bench that doctors who are going under compulsory quarantine completing their duty were not being paid by hospitals for that period.
The apex Court has directed the Solicitor General on the behalf of centre to ensure the order in implementing for the payment of salaries within a week

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