UN report: Women confined in North Korea endure extreme human rights infringement

According to a UN human rights report published, women confined in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are subjected to multiple and serious human rights infringement by security and police authorities
The report was based on 100 first-hand records by North Korean women who were detained between 2009 and 2019. These women were detained by the Ministry of State Security or the Ministry of People’s Security after coming back to North Korea after traveling abroad.

Lot of these women were detained either without trial or after proceedings that did not meet due process and fair trial guidelines. Once the women were imprisoned, they were “systematically punished and subjected to a myriad of human rights violations,” which included unsanitary, overcrowded conditions, food deprivation, torture and beatings.

Worldwide norms necessitate that male and female prisoners be kept in isolated establishments and that female prisoners be solely administered by female staff. Nonetheless, as per the report, the entirety of the jail watches were male. The ladies had an absence of security and were exposed to full body look through that were proposed to mortify and debase them. This included obtrusive inquiries into private regions of the body. A portion of the ladies were additionally assaulted or explicitly badgering by the jail monitors.

As indicated by the report, the ladies were additionally given a lacking amount and low quality of food, which prompted elevated levels of hunger. Ladies were additionally required to perform constrained physical work without pay, which isn’t permitted by worldwide norms. The ladies were likewise not given access to human services, which is a privilege secured by the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

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