Non Compliance of SOP should not be a ground to prohibit a Candidate from writing exam, karnataka HC

Karnataka High Court held that no candidate should be prevented from attending the exam scheduled to start on 30th july, clarifying certain ambiguous areas in SOP which is framed by the Karnataka government for conducting entrance exams.
A bench comprising of Justice Aravind Kumar and M I Arun stated that no candidate should be prevented from attending exam on whatsoever grounds. The bench also stated that grounds such as informing of COVID 19 postive status in advance or production of Medical certificate should not prohibit a candidate from attending the exam.
Court noticed certain grey areas in the SOP some of them are:
• Production of medical certificates- it is difficult to procure the services of general physicians in the present situation of pandemic.
• SOP did not specify any last date for informing about the Covid 19 status – there can be chances of candidate being diagnosed with covid a day prior to the exam.
• SOP does not indicate as to how candidates would be provided transportation to travel fron their place od stay to the examination centre.

These grey areas of the SOP affects the Fundamental Right of the students under Article 14 of the constitution.
The court stated that the interest of the students to be protected and rejected the interim relief to stay the exam.

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