Changes introduced by the National Educational Policy, 2020

National Educational Policy, 2020 was approved by the Union Cabinet on Wednesday. The last time the policy was revised was in 1992. The HRD ministry shall also be renamed to education ministry. A national assessment centre “PARAKH” shall also be created.The following are the changes that shall be introduced in the education system:

1.A single regulator shall be established for all higher educational institutions. Legal and medical colleges shall be excluded.

 2.All undergraduate, postgraduate and PHD courses shall be interdisciplinary and MPhil shall therefore be discontinued.

3.Pattern of board exams shall change to perform actual tests of knowledge and not promote “rote-learning”.

4.Till class 5, the mother tongue or regional language shall be the medium of instruction.

5.The school curriculum shall be remodeled to focus on core concepts and integrate vocational learning. Flexibility of subjects and holistic and multidisciplinary approach of subjects shall be ensured.

6.Skills and capabilities shall be included in report cards.

7.Both private and public institutions shall be subjected to common norms.

8.Measures for administrative and financial autonomy of institutions on the basis of status of accreditation.

 9.A National Educational Technology Forum (NETF) will be created for virtual labs and e-courses.

 10.The overall structure shall be changed and there shall be no differences between academic, vocational, curricular and extracurricular activities.

The policy aims at increasing the enrollment ratio in higher education institutions.

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