United States and China enter a new cold war: The List War

The two superpowers are now engaged in conflict across multiple geographic theatres (South Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and Latin America) and multiple vectors (trade, investment, technology, espionage, international institutions, health policy, naval, air power, missiles and territorial disputes).
China’s “unreliables” list is expected to target large American technology companies such as Qualcomm, Cisco and Apple, and could subject them to serious consequences .
As U.S.-China hostilities increase and the relationship between the two countries continues to deteriorate, U.S. companies in China may soon take a big hit as Beijing prepares to release its long-threatened “unreliable entity list”—a move that would subject named companies to investigations, market restrictions and even civil, administrative and criminal liability.
While China first mentioned the possibility of such a list more than a year ago, The Global Times, which is published by the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of China’s ruling Communist Party, reported last month that China is now ready to put U.S. companies on an “unreliable entity list.

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