Letter Petition has been filed by the Students of Nirma University in the Gujarat High Court for the Reduction of Fees in COVID-19 Times.

Through a notification, university administration informed to the students that they are starting semester from July 6th and with regards to that a fee brochure was also being sent which mentioned August 5, 2020 as the deadline for the payment of the fees.

Students in the petition wrote “To demand full fees as previously demanded, which obviously include numerous changes not being utilized in online teaching is sheer arbitrary. Therefore the move is manifestly arbitrary, illegal, and thus unconstitutional being hit by Article 14 of the Constitution.”

Students also wrote that impugned notification was issued by the university without keeping in consideration of ‘current lockdown period’ in which all businesses are not in operation and also most of the people lost their jobs which drastically affected the livelihood. They also wrote that university’s claim that online teaching will cost them even much more than offline teaching is ‘illogical, irrational and manifestly arbitrary’ and COVID-19 has created a situation in which universities and colleges are at the higher bargaining position which is adversely affecting the students.

Rule 34A of the Academic Regulations of the university has been pointed out by the university as per which academic fee structure is to be decided by the Board of Governors in consultation with Director General but as per the website of the university, “The last meeting was held on 28-09-2019. This proves that the university is unwilling to change its fee structure even in these uncertain times.”

The students urged the Honorable High Court to look into the matter and waive off a part of fees being charged and refund the proportionate amount to the students who have already paid the fees.

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