Delhi HC directed Delhi govt. to revise wages and pay arrears to prisoners

The grant of revised wages to prisoners has been finally approved by the Director General (Prisons) as per the rates mentioned in the Delhi government’s communication dated 20/06/2019.

The Delhi HC has directed the Delhi Government to pay arrears to the prisoners on the revised wages as communicated by the government on 20th June, 2019. The court also ordered that the 25% deduction which is done from the wages recieved by the prisoners for the Victim Welfare Fund will be suspended till further orders.

The issue was raised by Mr. Nitin Verma who asked for a direction to implement the order passed by Delhi Government a year ago. The petitioner stated that even after the revision of wages in 2019, the prisoners are still being paid at the previous fixed rates of 2014.

According to the contention raised by the petitioner, ”Delhi government issued a communication dated 20/06/2019 revising the standardized rates of per day wages for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled categories and despite the passage of one year, the order has not been implemented with respect to the Petitioner and the other under-trials and convicts housed in jails.”

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