Kenyan Mobile Operator extends free Digital Learning as schools remain closed amid Covid-19 pandemic

Safaricom’s CEO Peter Ndegwa has granted free access to digital education content for primary and secondary school students. Students can access E-learning material through the free daily 100MB education bundle. He is driven by a purpose of transforming lives, and he believes education is one of the greatest agents of transformation. Safaricom’s role is to promote inclusive digital learning by leveraging an extensive coverage and working with like-minded partners to empower parents and learners across the country.

Comments of various CEOs regarding this opportunity

  1. Wambura Kimunyu, CEO of Eneza Education
    “Waiving the daily fees on Shupavu291 has seen the number of learners accessing our platform every day grow by over 400%. It is also pleasing to note that around 64% of the learners are female, with over 46% of learners using their mothers’ phones. These statistics are pleasing, especially at such a time when there’s often fear that household chores and other domestic economic activities might interfere with learning for girls.”
  2. Dr. Joel Mabonga, Ag. Chief Executive Officer, Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD)
    “Safaricom’s intervention of providing data bundles to access e-content from the Kenya Education Cloud has provided an opportunity for more learners to access lessons from home. Parents and guardians should take advantage of this initiative and encourage their children to benefit from this offer.”

Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) has approved the content for Safaricom and it has been freely accessed by 10 million people from April 2020. And, over 1.8 million learners have accessed the SMS-based Shupavu291 platform extended by Eneza Education.

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