Lawyers write to MP CJ over police brutality in State

Advocates have written a letter to the chief justice of MP high court requesting him to look in the matter of police brutality in the state.

This request has been made by advocates Shoeb Hasan Khan, Ankit Agarwal and Saurabh Sahni to draw the attention of the the court towards the brutality of police in Guna district.

The letter states that the disturbing videos of the “farmer suicide incident” are being surfaced throughout the media showing the brutality of police that the wife and husband dragged into the the ambulance.

Another incident of police brutality has been shared by an lawyer. He was brutally treated by the police suspecting him of minority community.

The addressors have requested the high court that if these matters are not checked then it became a precedent for other cases contradictory to the indian constitution and welfare state.

The addresses requested the high court to look in this matter and to make a committee to look these matters under the supervision of a retired high court judge.

It was also stated in the letter that the letter is treated as a petition and proper compensation should be given to the victims.

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