Vikas Dubey Case: Petitioner sends rejoinder affidavit after UP police reply

Responding to the Supreme Court’s order dated July 14, the Uttar Pradesh Police had sent in their reply. The order was given by Justice S A Bobde. In defense, the UP police claimed that Vikas Dubey had not surrendered and was arrested after receiving intel from the MP Police. It was stated that the intimation of the encounter to the National Humans Rights Commission within 25 hours shall prove that there was no malafide intention. Further, the police have claimed to have acted in accordance with the ruling in PUCL v. Union of India (2014).

Anoop Kumar Awasthi, petitioner-in-person, submitting the rejoinder affidavit has stated that the action of the state government with regards to the Judicial Commission, is contradictory to the Apex Court’s order in V. Sudeier v. BCI (1999). It was further contended by the petitioner that the Special Investigation Team (SIT), appointed by CM Yogi Adityanath is illegal. One of the members of the team, IPS deputy inspector, J Ravinder Gaur,  had an alleged involvement in a 2007 encounter, whose allegation is still not cleared. In light of the same, it was requested that the probe be taken up by the CBI or NIA. 

The rejoinder affidavit also pointed out the prediction of the encounter on a news channel, leaving scope for the encounter to be an order from the higher authorities.
“While fighting a lawless, the state cannot go to the extent of being lawless”, reads the affidavit.

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