While hearing a petition filed by Dr R Srivatsan regarding failure of massive testing for Covid-19, the Telangana High Court questioned the state government failure and directed public health director, Dr G Srinivasa Rao, to summon before the Court to explain the same.

While submitting her arguments, Vasudha Nagaraj, the counsel for the petitioner, showed how the government had agreed to rope in all the 34 teaching hospitals to treat patients and earmarked several government hospitals as Covid-19 hospitals. But the needful hasn’t been done and people are still going to Gandhi Hospital only. She also submitted that since The Gandhi authorities allow only those who come with a Covid-19 positive test certificate, they are not admitting all patients. The petitioner prayed before the Court to give direction to the government to enlist teaching hospitals attached to state-run and the teaching hospitals attached to private medical colleges on COVID duty.

The bench comprising of Chief Justice Raghvendra Singh Chauhan and Justice B Vjaysen Reddy showed their concern on how the government expected such activities from the Covid-19 patients. It is not expected of them to rush from faraway places to Gandhi Hospital in an emergency. Hence, medical facilities should be available to them close to the places where they reside.

“There is no point in designating government hospitals in districts as Covid-19 hospitals. The Government also did not make them functional. A poor family from Adilabad cannot shift their loved ones in distress to Gandhi hospital. Therefore, state has to keep medical facilities available nearer to the patients.” the bench observed.

The Court summoned public health director Dr G Srinivasa Rao and directed him to appear before the Court for explanation on Covid-19 duty.

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