SC rejected the plea for uniform system of education

The Supreme Court rejected a PIL looking for uniform education with normal syllabi and educational program for all kids between 6-14 years, in the country.

The court, while not thinking about the PIL under Article 32, gave the petitioner the freedom of utilizing different remedies under law. Advoacte Upadhyay will subsequently present the whole blueprint of the idea to the Prime Minister, Home Minister and the HRD Minister and if required, will move towards the High Court under Article 226 next month.

During the legal proceedings, Justice DY Chandrachud expressed that combining one board with the other is definitely not a Court’s capacity. “How can you ask the court to merge one board with the other? These are not the functions of the court. Our students are already burdened with heavy school bags on their shoulders. Why do you want to add to their burden by adding more books?” Justice Chandrachud asked.

A plea was filed before Supreme Court with the motive to combine of Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) Board and the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for foundation of “One Nation One Education Board”.

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