Plea filed in SC to implement Police reforms prescribed in Prakash Singh Case

In Supreme Court the application has been filled for implementation of Court’s guidelines related to police reforms in Prakash Singh v. Union of India. The advocates have stated that both the State Governments and the legislations have not brought the amendment for police reforms.
The application is filled to eliminate the need for continuously filing applications when state-specific situations arise

In the case of Prakash Singh, the Supreme Court has brought these guidelines to determine the ambit of law and order investigation of the police, fixing up of the minimum tenures of personnel, setting up of Police Complaints Authority, etc.
As such, for effective and speedy implementation of these guidelines, the amici have the following suggestions:
• The jurisdictional High Courts constitute dedicated Benches to determine the extent to which compliance by executive orders has been made by the concerned States/UTs. For this purpose, the High Courts would have to take the assistance of an Amicus Curiae and also appoint Expert Committees to verify compliance at the ground level. The High Courts may be requested to complete the exercise of determining compliance within a period of six months.
• Individual applications pertaining to the States/UTs concerned may be dealt with by the said Benches in keeping with the letter and spirit of the directions given by this Hon’ble Court in its judgment dated 22.9.2006.
The application also focuses on notification of 2014, the IPS Cadre Amendment Rule 2014 were issued. In this case the Supreme Court had observed prime facie that these rules are opposed to the guidelines.

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