Agribusiness is ending up being a green shoot in the midst of monetary burdens made by the pandemic

This year the rainfall has been 80% above normal in Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. Also in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Punjab, it has been in the normal range.

Rating agency CRISIL said, upto July 14, the rainfall has been 11% higher than the Long period average and in June it was 24% higher.

Last time it was in 2015 when the monsoon occurred this way. It poured 27% above the LPA in June and the sowing was 29% as compared to the 30% of this season.

Planting of field crops this kharif season has been 44 percent above a year ago’s level as on July 10. The number likewise gets increased by a year ago’s low base. Interestingly, precipitation in June 2019 was 30 percent underneath the LPA and just 14 percent of the complete kharif season planting could happen that month,” a note from Crisil said.

This year sowing will be 2% – 3% above normal.

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