New guidelines issued by Gujarat HC for listing of cases

Almost a week ago, the Gujarat High Court had shut down after a spike in Covid19 positive cases in its vicinity. There were at least 7 confirmed cases at that time.After being shut from 8-10 July, the High Court has once again issued a notice to restrict the listing of cases.

As per the circular issued by the High Court on July 13th, 17 court officials have been tested positive. Taking in consideration the alarming rate of the pandemic and interests of the various parties involved, the Chief Justice has issued certain guidelines to ensure the safety of the Registry Officials, who are “the backbone of the court”

The guidelines are as follows:

Fresh matters of urgent nature such as bail, parole, detention, habeas corpus etc shall be listed

The urgency of such matters shall be stated clearly in a note

For already filed pending matters, procedure enlisted in point no. 2 shall follow 

Only on acceptance of the urgency note by the judge, the cases will be heard within 4-5 days

Mentioning of matters shall continue as per dispensation

All previous circulars regarding the same shall be suspended for the time being

Filing by email may continue as per current dispensation

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