King’s death does not affect the shebaitship; SC rules that Travancore royal family has control over Padmanabhan Temple

The Supreme Court today upheld the rights of the Travancore Royal Family to manage the Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Kerala.
The dispute before the court was to resolve whether the management of the Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Kerala should be vested with the authorities or with the Travancore house.

Today the bench ruled that the fact that the King passed away shall not have any effect on the Shebaitship of the Royal Travancore Family.

The Court has also opined that a committee shall be constituted rhat shall have one member each of the Padmanabhaswamy Temple. The chairperson’s position would go to the District Judge of the Thiruvananthapuram. Further, the members of the committee would be from the Hindu Family.
The committe shall also be incharge of deciding on the opening of Vault B of the temple, as per the directions of the Court.
In 2011, an appeal was filed before the Supreme Court against the order of the Kerela High Court transferring the authority of managemenet, that has been pending since 9 years.

“The supreme court had conjointly directed the govt. to open all Kallaras (vaults), build inventory of the whole articles, and make a depository to exhibit all the treasures of the Temple for the general public, devotees and also the tourists. Viewing of a similar can be organized for on a payment basis within the Temple premises itself, the Court had ordered”.

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