Petition in Superme court for investigation on the vikas dubey encounter

One has been filed by advocate Anoop Prakash Awasthi and the second by People’s Union for Civil Liberties. Both petitions seeking a Special Investigation Team (SIT) investigation into gangster Vikas Dubey’s ‘encounter’ by UP police personnel.

The petition filed by Advocate Anoop Prakash Awasthi raises serious questions on whether instant justice given by the police in a democratic society governed by the rule of law and by passing the criminal justice system.
While the petition filed by PUCL has brought to light various incidents where the Uttar Pradesh police has been shown to be allegedly indulging in massive encounters with impunity and expressing concern over dilution of the “Rule of Law” in view of the Vikas Dubey Encounter case.

Police encounter/administrative liquidation is a serious crime- murder/culpable homicide and is an offence against the entire society. If such a crime is committed with the support of the State or where the State condones such an offence, it takes a very serious dimension, questioning the entire Rule of Law and governance in accordance with the Constitution,” the Petitioner PUCL has submited.
PUCL has prayed that a Monitoring Committee, headed by a retired Supreme Court Judge should enquire into the role played by all authorities/persons who have directly or indirectly supported the encounter killings by abdicating their legal duties and responsibilities.

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