Vikas Dubey: Plea was filed in SC to protect gangster from police ‘encounter’ prior to the killing

The ‘encounter’ killing of dreaded gangster Vikas Dubey has drawn attention to a plea filed in the Supreme Court yesterday (July 9) seeking direction to safeguard the life of Dubey and ensure that that he is not killed/’encountered’ by police and to see that complete security arrangement is made for his safe production in the concerned court from time to time and that he is dealt with in accordance with law.

The petition was filed by advocate Ghanshyam Upadhyay, seeking an investigation into the alleged ‘encounter’ killing of four accused who, along with co-accused Dubey, were alleged to be involved in the killing of eight policemen in Kanpur on July 2.

The petitioner has also asked for a CBI investigation into those killings (not Dubey) under the supervision of the Supreme Court along with a prayer for strict action against policemen and all those who are involved in the killing of the four accused stated above.

The petitioner has also sought for registration of an FIR in the incident of demolishing the residential building and shopping mall of the accused Vikas Dubey.

The petitioner has submitted: “In view of the fact that the five accused who were alleged to be involved in killing of eight policemen, have been killed by Uttar Pradesh Police and from the manner in which the administration/ police machineries have acted so far against the accused, it is discernible that such killing of the five accused by police has taken place at the instances and behest of (the) Home Ministry, there is every possibility of even accused Vikas Dubey being killed by Uttar Pradesh Police either during transit from Madhya Pradesh to Uttar Pradesh or thereafter in the name of encounter.”

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