Parties amicably settle dispute over Tug Vessel Varahi, arrest order by Madras HC withdrawn

On June 13, Justice M. Sundar of the Madras High court hearing an urgent plea filed on June 12 by Angre Port Private Limited, had passed an ex-parte order preventing the Tug Vessel, Varahi from sailing away.

The vessel is docked at Adani Port, Kattupalli. Earlier, it was stationed at Angre Port, between May 2019 and February 2020, when the parties were involved in an ownership dispute before the Bombay High Court. The dispute had resulted in an order arresting the vessel. However, the order was set aside when the parties had consented on certain terms. One of the terms demanded payment of charges from one of the respondents, after which Angre Port was to allow Tug Varahi to sail away from the port.

On default of this payment, Angre port had filed a suit in the Madras High Court. The court on June 13, passed an order mandating the arrest of the vessel a day before it was scheduled to sail away. On June 14, the arrest warrant was served to the responding parties.Further hearings were to take place on June 26. Yet, the parties had consented again to form an agreement and settle the dispute in an amicable manner. Justice N Satish Kumar has accepted the Memo of Compromise submitted by the parties and declared that the parties have reached a settlement and withdrew the arrest order.

Angre Port Private Ltd. v. Owners and Parties interested in the Vessel TUG VARAHI)

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