Arvind Fashion’s States The Pandemic Situation Of Its Business

On Thursday, Arvind Fashions Ltd (AFL) says, that 75% of the business is below the pre- covid levels even after the easing of lockdown. Company expects that “the strength of its brands, coupled with launch of new relevant products and investments in digital and omni-channels will help it overcome the challenges and react to evolving situations faster”.

It also said that post lockdown, the company has been opening the stores progressively with all the norms and the procedures for the safety purpose of the customers and to maintain the social distancing.

The company has a network for 1,290 stores and presents 10,000 multi- brand outlets with 3,700 points of sales in stores.

It also added that some of the actions have been taken to conserve the cash, which includes :
1. Cutting down capex
2. Reduction in Inventory levels
3. Controlling buying
4. Changes in buying process (flexibility)

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