In light of the BLack Lives Matter Movement, Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) had recently announced the change in name of two of its ‘beauty’ products. Skin lightening product Fair & Lovely (for women) was to be rebranded as “Glow & Lovely” and Men’s Fair & Lovely (for Men) as “Glow & Handsome”.However, a week prior to the announcement, Emami Limited had already relaunched its product “Fair & Handsome” as “Glow and Handsome”.

Press statements from Emami Limited threatening to take legal action against HUL were released. In response, HUL filed an application before the Bombay High Court claiming that it had filed the trademark application for the rebranded product way before Emami did in September, 2018. The Registrar of trademarks rejected the application for “Glow and Handsome” in 2019. HUL has already filed an appeal against the same and has also initiated another application to trademark both “Glow & Lovely” and “Glow & Handsome” on 25th June, 2020.

 Justice B P Colabawalla hearing HUL’s application noted that the press statements in the newspapers indeed amount to threat and also that the applicant, in a first look at the case, appears to be the prior adopter of the trademark. Therefore, granting the applicant ad-interim relief. Deciding upon the nature of the threats had been adjourned for the next hearing

The court shall hear further proceedings on July 27th.

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