100 Rupees fine only for listing matter on biased and discriminating.

The petitioner Adv. Reepak Kansal filed writ under Article 32 of Constitution of India in
nature of Mandamus against various officer of the Registry of the Court and the Union of
India. The writ directing the respondents gave preference to the cases filed by influenced
lawyers and petitioners, law firms etc. which resulted no equal treatment and discrimination
for court hearing matter.
The judgment states
“16 The petition had filed could not be said to be maintainable. The petitioner has impleaded
the Secretary General, various Registrars, and officers of the Registry, SCBA, and Union of
India in his writ application. In contrast, Writ is filed against this Court itself. He ought to
have impleaded the Supreme Court of India in the Writ application through Secretary
General. The omission indicates careless conduct on the part of the petitioner. The petition
was filed in undue haste.”
The supreme court dismissed the petition and impose cost of Rs.100/­ (Rupees One Hundred
only) on the petitioner as a token to remind his responsibility towards noble profession and
that he ought not to have preferred such a petition.

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