Accused of Delhi Riots have been denied bail from Delhi High Court

Mohd. Faizan Khan, a prime suspect of Delhiriots accused of causing physical harm and injuries to several individuals anddestruction to the property has been denied bail by the Sessions Court inKarkardooma.  

While investigation the Crime Branch ofDelhi Police was stricken with a question related to registration of FIR’s andDelay in the investigation. Crime Branch stated that FIR’s related to riots wereregistered till March, 25 because then after the lockdown period started andpolice officials were engaged in tackling the COVID-19 situation. Meanwhile, theapplication claimed that there were inconsistencies in Call Data Records anddelay in lodging FIR’s to further argue his case.  

As per the police testimony, the accused wasa part of rioters who climbed the terrace of Rajdhani Public School and tothrow stones and petrol bombs on the believers of one specific religion.  

Despite witnessing the cognizance of thecrime police didn’t produce any evidence directly linking the suspect with thedamage caused or crime committed. Police simply stated that the accused wasidentified by one of the eye-witnesses while he was a part of the Mob which wascausing destruction to the property and causing harm to individuals.  

After having noted all the submissions theHonorable Sessions Court dismissed the bail application of the accused statingthat “Considering the gravity of the allegations against the applicant; cleareye witness account against the applicant and the possibility that if releasedon bail at this stage, the applicant may threaten the complainant and the eye witness of this case, I am not inclined to admit him on bail.” 

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