P&H High Court through its Registrar (Computerisation) v. Zahur Haider Zaidi and Ors.

While passing an order in the case of a bail application, a single judge had also passed  directions to the High Court for technical issues. The Judge directed the High Court to ensure that technical staff is available at the time of hearing of cases through video conferencing and that such technical persons should ensure that every case is available on-line on the computer by downloading the case list into the device and make individual icons on the desktop so that the court can access each case conveniently.
The High Court, aggrieved by being implicated in a criminal matters proceeding had requested the Judge to expunge the part of the order that consisted of administrative directions. The judge refused to do so, stating that it was the duty of the court staff to ensure the smooth functioning of video conferences without technical difficulties.
 The High Court then through its registrar filed an appeal. The appeal was heard by a division bench of Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court Ravi Shanker Jha and Judge Arun Pallai. The Division bench stated that it is not up to each and every judge to take up administrative matters of the high court and that the part pertaining to the same in the Single Judge’s order is bound to be expunged.The bench has also stated that the secretarial staff has been vested with responsibilities regarding the technicalities of video conferencing. The judge in this case had overstepped his jurisdiction.

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