Thousands evacuated in Japan as rains lashed in Southern Kyushu

On Saturday, thousands of people were asked to evacuate their houses on the southern island of Kyushu in Japan due to the unprecedented torrential rains in the area. According to Kyodo News Agency, around 92,200 households are facing the risk of further floods and landslides and hence were asked to vacate their homes.

Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, requested the people to be on high alert as the heavy rainfall is supposed to continue till Sunday. He also declared that 10,000 soldiers will be sent to aid the rescue operations going on in the region.

The floods have been caused as the overflowing Kuma River in the Kumamoto province broke its banks due and washed away thousands of houses and broke away bridges. The Japanese media telecasted the footages of muddy waters carrying away cars and houses of people.

According to the reports, 15 people are dead out of which 14 died due to cardiac arrest caused by the rising waters which submerged their elderly home in Kumamoto. 9 people are reported missing among which one is suspected to be injured and is in serious condition.

The Meteorological Agency of Japan, though, has now downgraded its alert which it initially declared about the highest level of threat due to the landslides and floods caused by the heavy rains which have never been seen before in the region.

It is suspected that this heavy rainfall could also affect parts of West Japan by Sunday.

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