After issuing several orders directing accused persons to register themselves as ‘Covid-19 warriors’ as a bail condition, Madhya Pradesh High Court has yet again asserted as to how these bail applicants can be utilized for the betterment of the society and to ward off the crisis.

Justice Sheel Nagu has directed two separate bail applicants, Arvind Patel and Kamlesh, to purchase and install a “black coloured LED TV”, manufactured anywhere except in China, at the district hospital’s renbasera (guest house), District Hospital Morar worth at least Rs.25,000/-.

Both the applicants were arrested on 18.02.2020 and were accused of attempt to murder. Since, the charge sheet in the case had been filed last month, both the accused were not needed for custodial interrogation anymore. Moreover, they don’t have any criminal antecedents. Therefore, the court by the orders of Justice Nagu granted them bail on a personal bond of Rs 25,000.

Justice Nagu quoted, “In view of above and looking to the special circumstances of ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and that early conclusion of the trial is bleak possibility and prolonged pre-trial detention is anathema to the concept of liberty and the material placed on record does not disclose possibility of the petitioner fleeing from justice, this Court is inclined to extend the benefit of bail to the petitioner.”

The order is significant taking in relation to the recent decision to boycott Chinese goods in the backdrop of India-China standoff at Galwan valley, Ladakh.

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