Anti CAA protests: SIT probe recommended by NHRC

The National Human Rights Commission’ recommendation report comes in response to the complaints filed against the police violence amidst the protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act,2019. The protests took place in Jamia Milia Islamia University on 15th, december,2019.

The report recommends the Government to direct the Special Investigation Team of the Delhi Police to investigate, identify and arrest the “real perpetrators of the violence. It also recommends the Delhi Police instead of an independent body, to probe into the excess power used by the police in handling the situation.
As per the report, the students involved in the protest had not taken any permission from the University before participating in the protest. The Police were forced to intervene due to the violent turn taken by the protest. However, the use of tear gas has been deemed unnecessary. The GNCTD must provide suitable compensation to the injured students on humanitarian grounds.
Besides recommending further investigation, the report also suggests police personnel be sensitised in handling law and order situations.

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