Kerala HC seeks Union govt’s views on directing Vande Bharat Mission flights from the UK to Kerala

The High Court of Kerala asked the Union govt to respond to a petition that sought direct flights from the UK to Kerala. It is alleged that expatriates are made to alight at domestic airports, which increases the chances of COVID-19 contraction.

The petition asked for it to be urgently considered as people allowed on Vande Bharat Mission flights belonged to vulnerable sections of the society. The petitioner’s husband is currently ill, and her son is trying to visit her and the second petitioner alleged that his wife’s consultations with the doctor are pending.

It is claimed that it is discriminatory by not allowing Vande Bharat Mission to operate in South India. The petition pointed out that the first phase of the mission did not cover did not cover any flights to Kerala and the second phase had only one. In the third phase, Kerala was included, but passengers had to switch flights which caused inconvenience. Thus, Kerala HC sought the Union govt’s views on this.

Source: WP-C No. 12579/2020

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