Telangana High Court Directed the State Government and Railways to transport all the remaining stranded migrant workers to their respective destinations.

A Petition was filed in Telangana High Court under Article 226, under the writ of mandamus asking the court to direct the State Government and Railways to help in transportation of migrant workers to their respective home towns.

Telangana High Court directed state and railways to facilitate the transportation of the remaining migrant workers stranded in Telangana. The railway representative informed the court that 34 berths were available as per the emergency quota and 20 berths were available in AC tier 3 and that if the state government contact the railway authorities the necessary arrangements shall be made. The court directed the State Government to send a personnel Divisional Railway Manager’s office to ensure that all the stranded workers are transported to their respective destinations which in this case was Patna, Bihar.

Jeevan Kumar v. State of Telangana and Ors.
W.P (PIL) no. 103/2020

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