CBSE cancels exams and informed SC

The exams which were scheduled from July 1-5, are called off by the board itself and the informationl is given to the top court as well. The CBSE has also decided that the students will have the liberty to choose whether they want their exams to be conducted later, or go with the assessment process based on past performance.

The changes are made due to the current situation of pandemic and the increasing numbers of cases. Also, the issue was raised whether this will be applied for state boards or not?

Supreme Court has sought the issue by announcing that this will be applicable on state boards as well and also the bench wants to know the mechanism on which the results would be declared.

Class X students who were unable to give examination due to Delhi riots will also be promoted on the basis of their internal assessments or on the basis of their performance in pre-board examinations.

Class XII examinations will be held in the later date after all this settles down and the situation gets better, it was told by the board.

The bench was led by Justice A.M.Khanwilkar.
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta was appearing for the Government and the CBSE was represented by senior advocate Jaideep Gupta.

It is also demanded for the date by which the classXII results would be declared. According to Justice Khanwilkar, these decisions are based on the pan-India basis, so that students do not miss their entrance tests for the professional courses.
The bench has asked the solicitor general to modify the CBSE notifications to get the clearer aspect about the specific issues which are raised.

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