Students of University Law College move Karnataka HC to do away with Moot Court exercises and internships amid COVID-19

Gautam R vs. Bar Council of India 23.6.2020

A division bench of Chief Justice Abhay Shreeniwas Oka and Justice Nataraj Rangaswamy has issued a notice to the Bar Council Of India, the state government and university law college, Banglore.
The plea has been filled by final year students of University law College Banglore explaining that schedule 11 of part 4 of the BCI rules provides “Compulsory Clinical Courses “, which includes moot court exercises and internships.
However, due to Covid-19, it is not possible to manage the things the way it has to be done.
To maintain social Distance no one is allowed in court or goes to any law offices of the firm as it already been shut down.
Hardly 20 advocates are allowed for the hearing, rest everything is been done online.
Pertaining to this situation in society right now, it will take a lot of time for things to get normal.
This will make it difficult for the students to receive their certification of law graduation due to the non-completion of the Compulsory Clinical Course.
Violating the Rights of Students under Articles 14,19, and 21 of the Constitution to practice any profession, business
or trade of their choice.
Therefore , on these grounds, the petition p Xsrays that compulsory clinical courses should be discontinued for the time being.
The matter will be next heard on July 8.

W.P. no 1855 of 2020 (GM-RES) PIL

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